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Deuteronomy 20: Instructions for Battle

Deuteronomy 20

1 When thou (the consciousness) goest out to battle (in constant self-watchfulness) against thine enemies (the egos within you), and seest horses (animal elements), and chariots (fast moving mental structures), and a people more (numerous) than thou (because the ego is an enormous Legion), be not afraid of them: for the LORD thy God (your inner Being) is with thee (the consciousness, the Essence), which brought thee (the Essence) up out of the land of Egypt (bondage in the ego, in Klipoth, by means of comprehension in meditation).

2 And it shall be, when ye are come nigh unto the battle (of ordeals in your life, when the ego is raging against you), that the priest (your Being) shall approach and speak unto the people (of Israel: the consciousness),

3 And shall say unto them, Hear, O Israel (ISis-RA-ELohim: the consciousness), ye approach this day unto battle against your enemies (egos): let not your hearts faint (emotionally), fear not (intellectually), and do not tremble (in your motor-instinctual-sexual brain), neither be ye terrified (consciously) because of them;

4 For the LORD (YHVH) your (inner) God is he that goeth with(in) you (by means of your consciousness), to fight for you against your enemies (egos), to save you (from your karma, which you will face in the ordeals you are encountering now, such as...).

5 And the officers (bodhisattvas: teachers with awakened consciousness and acquired degrees of initiation) shall speak unto the people (students of Gnosis), saying, What man (initiate) is there that hath built a new house (soul), and hath not dedicated it (in initiation)? let him go (without dreaming of the future initiation) and return to his (psychological) house (and be conscious of himself from moment to moment), lest he die in the battle (and lose his degrees and awakened consciousness), and another man (ego) dedicate (steal) it (his house, his soul).

6 And what man (aspirant to the Light) is he that hath planted a vineyard (garden of the Lord in the soul, by the first steps of initiation), and hath not yet (consciously) eaten of it (by means of Samadhi)? let him also go (without desiring experiences and samadhi) and return (consciously) unto his (psychological) house (by means of meditation), lest he die in the battle (and lose his awareness), and another man (ego) eat of it.

7 And what man (manas: mind) is there that hath betrothed (sexually) a wife (spouse), and hath not taken her (responsibly and consciously, as the Law demands)? let him go (and take responsibility for his actions by acting upon the commands of his Being) and return (consciously) unto his (psychological) house (and put his house in order, by living in harmony with the Law), lest he die (psychologically, consciously) in the battle (ordeal), and another man (ego or even another person) take her.

8 And the officers (bodhisattvas: teachers with awakened consciousness and acquired degrees of initiation) shall speak further unto the people (students of Gnosis), and they shall say, What man (aspirant) is there that is fearful and fainthearted? let him go and return (consciously) unto his (psychological) house (so he will not infect others with his negative emotions), lest his brethren's heart faint as well as his heart.

9 And it shall be, when the officers (bodhisattvas) have made an end of speaking unto the people that they shall make captains (teachers) of the (Gnostic) armies to lead (by example) the people (by living the Gnostic doctrine from moment to moment, such as...).

10 When thou comest nigh unto a (psychological) city (any collection of psychological components in your mind) to fight against it (and free your consciousness from the subconsciousness), then proclaim peace (conscious serenity) unto it (by means of comprehension and transmutation).

11 And it shall be, if it (that psychological entity) make thee answer of peace (harmony and balance in the consciousness), and open unto thee, then it shall be, that all the people (psychological elements) that is found therein shall be tributaries unto thee, and they shall serve thee (in your path).

12 And if it will make no peace with thee, but will make (spiritual, intellectual, emotional) war against thee, then thou shalt besiege it (in meditation):

13 And when the LORD (YHVH) thy (inner) God hath delivered it into thine hands (because you have fully comprehended it in meditation), thou shalt smite (kill) every male (every ego in your mind) thereof with the edge of the sword (of the Divine Mother):

14 But the women (conscious elements trapped in the egos), and the little ones (sparks of purity), and the cattle (innocent animal elements), and all that is in the (psychological) city, even all the spoil (benefits) thereof, shalt thou take unto thyself (consciously); and thou shalt eat (reap) the spoil (benefits) of (the death of) thine enemies (the egos), which the LORD thy God hath given thee (because of your deep comprehension of them in meditation).

15 Thus shalt thou do unto all the cities which are very far off from thee (in the depths of your mind), which are not of the cities of these (conscious) nations (of the Being, because you made them yourself from your desire and many mistakes).

16 But of the (psychological) cities of these people (egos), which the LORD thy God doth give thee for an (karmic) inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth (for the egos are abominations that must be completely eradicated, without any exception whatsoever):

17 But thou shalt utterly destroy them (by means of constant self-watchfulness and meditation...)

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